Meet The Team

“Thijs van der Heijden” content_1= content_2=”Thijs is passionate about bikes. A Dutch citizen (Australian permanent resident), he first rode a bike on the backyard grass of his parents’ home when he was three and he has been using bicycles for transportation since. Arriving in Melbourne in 2011, the first thing Thijs did getting off the plane was to buy a new bike, and start exploring the city on two wheels. Back in the Netherlands, Thijs was an avid competitive cyclist achieving a handful of podium finishes during an eight-year racing career. Nowadays, he mostly just enjoys the scenery when riding.

Wondering about the origins of differences in bicycle use and attitudes between the Netherlands and Melbourne, and seeing the enormous potential for bikes in Australian cities, Thijs has been an active member of the Melbourne Bicycle User Group since 2012.

He is a certified AustCycle SkillsCoach and a Mountain bike trainer with the Dutch Recreational Cycling Union (NTFU), and enjoys helping others improve their riding skills. Being trained as a financial economist, Thijs currently works as a research fellow at the University of Melbourne.” name_3=”Adeo Esplago” content_3=”With a background in Media and Communications and Active Transport policy with Government and the not-for-profit sector, Adeo is passionate about developing and promoting cycling and walking strategies that create liveable and sustainable communities.

After initially training to be a primary school teacher, Adeo now specialises in working with children, adults and those with special needs as well as working with groups from disadvantaged communities for whom riding a bicycle can be an accessible pathway for social and economic empowerment.

As a research consultant, Adeo has collaborated with Deakin University, studying women’s participation in cycling and is currently developing programs and research in the Education and Allied Health sectors – exploring the roles that cycling can play in childhood development, the disability community and aging populations.

Despite being a keen road cyclist and occasional mountain biker, Adeo mostly enjoys simply grabbing one of his (too many) bikes and getting where he needs to go with the efficiency and enjoyment that only riding a bicycle can bring. When not riding, Adeo enjoys reading and listening to podcasts.” image_id_3=”398″ name_4=”Simon Vincett” content_4=”Simon rides to work, to the shops, with his son to school, to yoga and to the pool. He has cycled as his primary transport for most of his adult life. For Simon any ride is an opportunity for healthy exercise as well as being the most convenient form of transport.

Simon also rides for the fun of it: touring wine regions, riding rail trails, between cities and once across the Nullabor Plain from Adelaide to Perth. He gets out on a road bike from time to time for a brisk ride with mates and he predicts getting into mountain biking as a family pursuit as his son gets a bit older.

He and his wife taught their son to ride using the Bikes@Work method and this kindled a desire to help all people find and deepen a love of bike riding. He finds it very satisfying to share bike riding skills and see people achieve mastery. He is now an accredited AustCycle Teacher.

Simon has worked at Bicycle Network for 12 years, where he writes for Ride On magazine.” position_2=”Instructor” position_1=”Owner & Instructor” mail_1=”” phone_1=”0432 291 775″ facebook_1=”″ position_3=”Instructor” position_4=”Instructor” image_id_4=”970″][/vc_column][/vc_row]