Individual Training

Our tried and tested technique should get you up and riding within 1-3 hours! We teach children aged 7 and up. The private lesson will teach all the basics including safety checks – must bring your own (or hired/borrowed) bike and helmet. Sessions in Docklands, Carlton North, Thornbury, Glen Iris (children only) or Eaglemont.

Format is 2 x 1.5 hour sessions a week apart or 3 x 1 hour sessions for 7-8 year olds. Total cost is $200.

If you know how to ride but are a bit wobbly and lacking in confidence then this 2 hour private lesson is perfect for you. We’ll start with practice basic bike control skills including smooth stopping, starting, using gears, scanning, hand signals and emergency stops.  If time, we’ll move onto shared paths/local streets and teach you how/where to ride in bike lanes, tackle roundabouts and intersections and more.

Come to Docklands, Carlton North, Thornbury, Glen Iris or Eaglemont. Cost is $140. Contact us for more information.

We will meet you at home before work and help you plan the best and safest route to your office. Then, after safety and skills checks we will ride with you to work, ensuring you arrive safe and sound. Build your confidence and tackle the journey to work by bike – it’s the best way to travel!

Cost is $140, if within 15km of CBD. Contact us for more information.

Enquire for prices and availability

Time to stop making excuses and start riding!  Our experienced, patient and friendly instructors will start with the absolute basics like how to walk your bike, get on and off gracefully, start off, pedal and stop safely. They’ll give you hands on support you until you find your balance and then cheer as you cycle off into the sunset!

You need a bike (ideally your own but can also borrow from a friend or family member or hire a bike), a helmet and some determination. Our training is always tailored to your needs and we are also able to work with clients with special physical requirements or disability. For children aged 7 and up.